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Jaydip Patel

Hi everyone! I have been growing out my hair since December 2019. It’s been quite a journey! I have always wanted to try and grow it enough to donate. I have finally been able to accomplish that. My hair is now 10 inches and ready to be buzzed off. I’m excited to also help raise funds for the organization in order to help more patients who’ve had treatment for cancer. This, for me, is an opportunity to give to an amazing cause and to support those in need. Please help spread the message and donate, what your heart desires. I am grateful, in advance. Peace and Love!
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1 000 $
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19-08-2021ChhayaPatel50.00 $
19-08-2021JayapatelGood job, you planting the seeds of donations. It will grow more and more.100.00 $
19-08-2021IshwarbhaipatelGod bless you50.00 $
24-08-2021VineshPatel50.00 $
26-08-2021Sanjay & HimaPatelGood for you Jaydip!*****
26-08-2021MiniKashyapGood work Jaydip I’m really proud of you!! 10.00 $
27-08-2021bharatpatelgood job Jaydip50.00 $
28-08-2021HiteshPatelI want your hair bro! 20.00 $
28-08-2021VeedyaneeGungabissoon50.00 $
29-08-2021DeepteeSeebunGreat initiative *****
01-09-2021SaeedPatel20.00 $
01-09-2021SamanthaTremellen10.00 $
01-09-2021Darpan & TarynPatelLet’s gooo!!*****
01-09-2021NileshPatel20.00 $
01-09-2021RebeccaMarrone10.00 $
01-09-2021DevanPatelNice one brotha!10.00 $
01-09-2021ShaliniRajathuraiGood job Jay!*****
01-09-2021NickIzzoCongrats Jay50.00 $

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